Entry Prices

Guide to Prices

If you are 'new' to climbing and need instruction.
Our Taster Session is perfect for you. Click here to go the 'climb page' for more session details and booking.

For competent climbers there is no need to book, just turn up and climb.
Click here for more information on opening times.

*MEMBERS pay an annual fee of £20 (Jan 1st - Dec 31st).
Annual fee will decrease to £10 between July 1st -Dec 31st.

Register before you can use The Overhang

If you are already a competent climber, all you have to do is register before you can use The Overhang. Once you have been registered you can then use the centre’s indoor climbing walls on a pay as you go basis. You can also sign-in and supervise up to two novices at a time. Just come along to the centre and complete a registration form and that's it!

Overhang Membership

Pre-paid Membership entitles the holder to unlimited use of the Climbing Centre during opening hours, discount in the shop and on our courses.

Equipment Hire

Harness £2  Shoes £2
Chalk bag £1  
Belay & Carabiner £1

Helmet   *Free*

Seasoned Climber

Adrenalin junkie looking for some excitement?

Would love to try something new but not sure if you could do it?
Or a seasoned climber looking for somewhere to train?
Well, what ever your reason, we have something for you!